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I started my web development career in 1997, when I purchased this domain. Over the past 19 years I have truly been part of the DOT COM boom! Helping start many websites, co-founding companies, selling .com’s, and many other fun journeys, it has led me to a diverse career and understanding of the digital space.

Up until this year, I ran my consulting firm, Fells Point Marketing. However, in 2016, I migrated all my services under my personal brand and offering those services on this website, JAMZ.net.  It was a decision I made for various reasons. But, the main reason was I wanted to stop “developing” websites and moving on to the next project. Instead, I wanted to be truly focused on the success of the company. It’s not about having a “website”, that is simply expected. I urge you not to hire a “designer” or “developer”. Instead, partner with someone that is a designer, developer, and a true business visionary to help your business expand.

Each year, I consult with 3 – 6 customers and help them with this journey. My customers vary from small local businesses (Purpose Painting, LLC) to larger small businesses with a larger customer base (River Meadow Ranches), my own ventures (Miller Winery, Charm City Corals, Weekend Oasis), to global brands.

My team consists of designers and developers, that work with me, that span the globe. Anywhere from New York City, Los Angeles, Baltimore, from Brazil to London, all the way to India. This pool of talent, under my direction, has successfully built websites customers had quoted at $12,000 for $4,000. Those savings enabled the business to grow faster. We’ve also built websites as low as $500 for our local small business customers.

I am willing to setup a no cost phone consultation to discuss your needs. From that point, I’ll put together a project plan and outline of costs and see where our conversation goes.

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