Public Speaking

Uncanny ability to connect. Bridges the gap. Unrivaled energy. Well prepared. Confidence. Subject matter expert. Great sense of humor. Dedicated. Natural entrepreneur. Polished professional. Top IT minded professionals. Highly innovated. The reason I am a webmaster. His enthusiasm and passion is hard to match. Strong personality. The most energetic, creative and dynamic “technology” person I know. Vibrant presence.

Those are just a few samples of feedback from people I’ve worked with. I strongly believe those comments provide insight into my personality and ability, both of which I hope to share directly with you and your group.

Having a truly unique life path, it enables me to share some insights that help peoples careers excel and grow. Motivation comes from within, but sometimes needs a hint of fire to help it spark. I like to provide that hint. Coming from a blue collar family, having lost my father to cancer at the age of 9, and growing up in what was a relatively small town met achieving the specific life goals I wanted wasn’t a slam dunk. It was hard work and dedication, something I continue everyday.

My formal education isn’t anything special, in fact, many I work with have better formal educations. It’s about using the tools you have in a manner that works. How do you truly get the most out of your individual toolkit? The fact is, you and hundreds of other people have the same education. How do you separate yourself? How do you really make things impactful and well thought? How will you really leverage the individual toolkit of yours?

It’s a global workforce. Someone is always willing to work harder and longer than you. Often times, cheaper. How will you prepare yourself for this?
The days of graduating college and joining the work force to a job you read about are gone. You and your entire class are competing for those jobs. Thousands of others in other countries probably are as well. What are you going to do about that? How will your individual toolkit be better?

Let me help you, your group, team, whoever, refine and understand their individual toolkit and get the most out of it! Let me be that spark .. after all, we can all get in slumps.

If you are looking for a true serial entrepreneur, that isn’t going to bore your team/group/you with a bunch of white papers, but true in the weeds hard work and dedication that will leave the audience energized and ready to take those leanings and apply them, RIGHT NOW, let’s talk. At no cost, I’ll put together a game plan, after a brief conversation with you, on what I want to cover and how I plan to achieve it. This plan is tailored to each individual scenario and you will NEVER find any of my engagements the same. They are truly unique, customized, and from the heart.

I look forward to hearing from you. Let’s get that spark turned into a raging fire.

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