Jason Miller

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Hello! I am Jason Miller and live in Phoenix, MD. During the day, I work for the largest privately held software company, focused on real time marketing. Using advanced analytics and applying that in real time, is something that I personally believe is one of the most important factors in marketing.

In my free time I own a small family micro-winery, in Virginia.  We produce about 3,000 bottles of wine a year (Miller Winery). I also invest in real estate and own rental cabins (Weekend Oasis).

This is my landing page, into my world. My internet career started in 1997, using AOL’s personal publisher and I purchased this domain in 1997. You can find just about every important link I have off this page as well as the occasion blog entry and looks into some personal hobbies I have, such as saltwater reef aquariums (I am convinced I will have an aquarium in my home that is comparable to most national aquariums :)

Have fun!